Samstag, 1. Oktober 2011

Announcing Level Clone War

The second level for the programming game Zero-X is ready. I'm proud to announce the 2nd level Clone War.

The first level Greenfields introduced basic sensors and actions and showed how to control a single population. With Clone War these sensors and actions will be extended. But we also have a new action, now it is possible to split a population.

Split does two things, first it splits the population into two equal sized populations and then moves the new created population to a field of your choice. Split looks the same as move_to it takes a field or position as parameter for the new population.

new_population = old_population.split(field)
new_population = old_population.split(-1, 0)
new_population = old_population.split(x: 1, y: 1)

As we may have multiple populations now, you need to specify the population you want to apply the action:

population_b.move_to 1, 1

As you can see the new introduced action changes quite a lot. In the next blog post I will describe how some well-known actions have been extended.

For more details see the documentation.

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