Dienstag, 6. September 2011

Winner of 2nd Season Greenfields

Wood Elf strikes again! The winner of the 1st Zero X season is also the winner of 2nd season.

In the 2nd season disengage was introduced and the combat damage, was changed in the favor of the attacker and therefore rewarded a more aggressive behaviour. But little has changed here as a look at the ranking list shows.

As announced at the beginning of this season: you will need an agent with at least an average of 4.0 EPS and 5 tournaments to get to next level "Clone War". Here are the top five agents, who achieved that goal:

6.62 Wood Elf
6.08 Mild Gruyere
6.08 Bulldog
5.66 Rincewind
4.24 Gruyere

The usual suspects at the top, let's have a look at the agents that have won more than one tournament:

1st places
3 Rincewind
2 Wood Elf
2 Bulldog
2 Oreiller

At first glance it looks surprising that Oreiller didn't made it for the next level with two 1st places. But taking a closer look we can see, that it didn't perform very well between the 2nd and 6th tournament. I'm sure he will join soon as well as Tentacle Cat, both are only a few points away.

In the next few blog posts I want to take a closer look at all the new features of the new level Clone War and introduce them step by step.


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