Donnerstag, 26. August 2010

The End of Season 1

The 10th tournament ended actually with two winners, Bulldog and Rincewind. Both made 6.8 points, Bulldog is only ranked first, because he has a better overall ranking.

After 10 tournaments, it's time to look back. The first tournament began with 9 agents, by now the agents have doubled. They not only have become more, no they also have become better. FireLion the winner of the first two tournaments, looked in the beginning very promising, but in the meanwhile has been displaced to the 10th rank. Others have come with a better strategy.

After total 46 games, the ranking list can grouped in three parts:
There's the 5plus group, agents that have an average of more than 5 points. Means they don't only survive in most of the games, the also achieve better ranks. WoodElf, Bulldog, Gruyere, Oreiller, Mild Gruyere and Rincewind are in this group.
The second group are agents that survive sometimes, they have an average of 3 to 4 points. And then there's the last group that have less than 3 points, meaning they don't survive very often.

But remember this tournaments are not only about winning or loosing, in fact I don't see any loosing in contributing an agent. It's about to figure out which strategy works better then another.

After 10 tournaments we make a break and end the first season. We will continue the tournaments in October, the exact date will be announced.

Congratulations to everybody and see you soon for the second season!

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