Montag, 5. Juli 2010


Incredible! Wood Elf makes the perfect tournament with 10 points! This means she won all 5 games in the tournament. Having a look at the rankings of Wood Elf, we see that, in the 4 tournaments she participated, she won 3 of them and made a second place in the other. This is clear an outstanding performance.
She now leads the overall ranking with 7.85 points, leaving the second placed Gruyere with 5.69 points behind.

The world size for this tournament has now been increased by one to eight. And the simulation run even slower, one time unit now took 30 seconds.
Here the whole configuration for the last tournament:
module Greenfields

  class Agency < Tournament::Agency
    level 'Greenfields'
    agents_per_game 22
    games_per_agent 5
    game_duration 1800 # sec
    time_unit 30 # sec
    action_cost_time_unit_ratio 1.0 / 10.0
    build_options 'Greenfields::World' => { :size => 8 },
                  'Greenfields::Resource' => { :size => 4000..16000 },
                  'Greenfields::Population' => { :size => 40..160 }


Ranking of the 8th tournament.

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