Donnerstag, 22. Juli 2010

Bulldog wins 9th tournament

Bulldog won the 9th tournament with 8.0 points. He won 2 games, made one second place and a third place.
Wood Elf, the high flyer of the last tournament, made this time only 4.6 points and was placed at rank 6, still holding the first rank in the total ranking.
Newcomer Mild Gruyere won 1 game and is placed 4th in the tournament ranking.

I'm still experimenting with the runtime velocity of the simulation. This time the simulation run even slower, the action cost to time unit ratio was 1/15. Like this the resource reached their maximum at the end of each game. I think will keep the action costs in this range for the next tournament.
class Agency < Tournament::Agency
  level 'Greenfields'
  agents_per_game 22
  games_per_agent 1
  game_duration 300 # sec
  time_unit 45 # sec
  action_cost_time_unit_ratio 1.0 / 15.0
  build_options 'Greenfields::World' => { :size => 8 },
                'Greenfields::Resource' => { :size => 4000..16000 },
                'Greenfields::Population' => { :size => 40..160 }
Ranking of the 9th tournament.

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