Samstag, 31. Juli 2010

Attacked Events

In Zero X some events are directly reported to the agents. They can read them, during their think method with next_event or iterate over them with each_event. The event will be removed as soon as it has been read.
event = next_event
event.class    # => AttackedEvent
event.attacker # => '003' agent code name
event.damage   # => 132
If an agent is attacked by another agent, the victim receives an attacked event. The event includes the code name of the attacker and the damage suffered.

Here an example with an iterator:
each_event do |event|
  if event.instance_of? AttackedEvent
    puts "attacked by #{event.attacker} and suffered #{event.damage}"
In your tests you can fire the attacked event by using has_been_attacked_by. The method takes the codename of the attacker and an optional damage parameter.
it "should behave different if it has been attacked" do
  @agent.has_been_attacked_by '003'
The new test methods are available with SDK Version 0.9.7.
Download the new SDK V0.9.7

See the documentation.

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