Sonntag, 20. Juni 2010

The 5th and 6th Tournament

For the last two tournaments there were 5 games each and 16 agents, who participated.
We had an amazing newcomer "Wood Elf", who left with 7.8 EPS all other behind. In the 5th tournament Wood Elf won 2 games, made a second and a third place. But she also takes the first place in the overall ranking. FireLion falls back to the third place.

In the 6th tournament, Gruyere strikes for the second time. One game won, 3 times a second place and one third place, gives him excellent 8 EPS. Gruyere takes now the second place in the overall ranking. Will he become number one in the tournaments to come or can Wood Elf defend her position?

As in the last post announced the simulation runned slower for the last two tournaments. The action cost to time unit ratio has been set to 1/4. Also the world size has been increased and has now a size of 7. Here the complete configuration for the last tournament:
module Greenfields

  class Agency < Tournament::Agency
    level 'Greenfields'
    agents_per_game 16
    games_per_agent 5
    game_duration 1800 # sec
    time_unit 12 # sec
    action_cost_time_unit_ratio 1.0 / 4.0
    build_options 'Greenfields::World' => { :size => 7 },
                  'Greenfields::Resource' => { :size => 4000..16000 },
                  'Greenfields::Population' => { :size => 40..160 }


Checkout the the ranking.

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