Dienstag, 11. Mai 2010

Surprise in the 4th tournament

The 4th tournament comes with a surprising winner: The Good, a demo agent.

How could a random agent win this tournament? Does this prove, that the whole tournament is just a random game, doesn't it?! I don't think so!
Rather I think, that we reached a turning point.

In this 4th tournament 14 agents participated, most of them optimised to go for the best resource. As everyone wants the best resource, the only question remains, who gets it first. However all too often two or more agents saw the same field, that seemed to be free, and so they decided to move there. Leading in an unintentional attack against another agent, who had the same idea, but was a little bit faster moving.
This effect was aggravated by the fact, that the small 6x6 matrix was quite crowded with 14 agents. More than a third of the fields were occupied.

While everyone stumbled over each other, The Good just walked to a random free field, which was with the utmost probability better than the one he came from, but not necessarily the one with the best resources. Like this he could grow without being bothered by anybody.

Though The Good could not convince. He achieved only 5.75 points, meaning in 3 games he got only the minimum of 5 points and 8 points for a second place. As comparison Fire Lion and Gruyere won theire past tournaments with 9 points!

But for all that, we can learn a thing from this tournament. If the matrix gets too crowded, going only for the best resource may not necessarily be the best strategy, the second best may be better.

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