Dienstag, 25. Mai 2010

Decoupling action costs from time units

The first tournaments showed, that the resources grow too fast. Fields with no population reach soon the maximum of their capacity and when an agent fights another agent, it can recover from the combat damage in no time.
As SayCheese pointed out, at the time the game is stopped, the winner is more or less random, as all survived populations are more or less at their maximum. Actually there's no real fight for the best remaining resources.

To bring some more challenge in the game, the simulation should run a little bit slower, while the agents still have the same time for their actions. Therefor the action costs will be decoupled from the time units in the simulation. Action costs are now a fraction of a time unit. A look_around doesn't take 2 time units anymore, but 2 action costs.
For the next tournament an action cost will be a quarter of a time unit. Means the simulation will run 4 times slower until now. In consequence the resources and the populations will grow 4 times slower.

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