Dienstag, 27. April 2010

Gruyere wins 3rd tournament

The 3rd tournament brings a new winner. Gruyere wins 3 of 4 games and is placed 3rd in the fourth one. Last time Gruyere made only 3.25 points, this time excellent 9.

The newcomer of this tournament is Rincewind. He wins one game, one 2nd place one 3rd place. He achieved the 2nd place in the tournament and takes the 3rd place in the total ranking.

What happened to Fire Lion? In this tournament he dies in 2 games, and gets only 5 points in the other two games. Still he can defend his first place in the total ranking. But the question is now, for how long?

In this tournament a new thread scheduler came into operation. Now all agent threads are synchronized before they can execute an action like look around or move. Like this some raceconditions, that happend last time, could be avoided.

See the tournament Ranking

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